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Mohammad Hosein Ghatee

CEO & the founder at Espad Group

Online Marketing Specialist
Business Development Manager

Mohammad Hosein Ghatee

Chief Executive Officer at Espad Group

Mohammad Hosein Ghatee is now owning Espad Group LLC, which is possessing an Iranian inbound tourism platform under the brand name of Espad Travel and also a digital marketing agency under the brand name of Espad Media. Counting on what he has studied and also what he has gained within these 7 years of experience; he is mostly active in marketing and tourism industries, this is why he is now the Chief Operating Officer at Mellat Tourism travel agency, the only Iranian travel agency owned by an Iranian bank, Mellat bank!

Espad Group

Espad Group

It’s a group of companies active in tourism & marketing industries. He’s the founder & CEO here.

Espad Travel

Espad Travel

It’s an Iranian travel agency active in inbound tourism of Iran. He’s the founder & CEO here.

Espad Media

Espad Media

It’s a digital marketing agency active in social networks’ marketing. He’s the founder & Share holder here.

Mellat Travel


It’s the only Iranian travel agency under economical support of a governmental bank.

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Shiraz University
  • Tourism Management
  • From 2013 to 2016
  • Working with Iran Traveling Center , AirArabia ,Omidan Travel & Founding Espad Brands

B.A Shiraz University

M.A University
  • Tourism Marketing Management
  • From 2017 to 2019
  • Working with Mellat Travel & Developing Espad Brands

M.A Culture & Science University​

  • Technical Management for Travel Agencies
  • Iran inbound tour leadership
  • WordPress web developing
    SEO & SEM courses

Ghatee's Certificates